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About Me:

Somewhere deep inside my heart, I had concealed the artist in me until I became a successful Software Engineer; I have gathered experience of about five years, and it was time to discover something outside my mundane life. I looked at people around me and learned that this is the age where we can multi-task with our careers and our passion. The two can thrive together, and enrich us as individuals, and as spear-heading dreamers! Little did I know then,
that my artistic essence within had ignited to a level that could bring me so far.

I am a believer; I believe that no matter what one does, it should be done with conviction and joy. Every person should love the work they do. I tossed in my bed for several nights, trying to find a proper channel for the fire that had lit within me. My sub-conscious mind told me, that I am capable of much more than a desk job (which also I love), and that I should indeed find a hobby that can someday transform into a flourishing profession.

It was during this phase that I stopped by a gift store to buy my friend something for her birthday. I explored the store only to realize that it had nothing exciting or new. It felt as though gifting had maxed out its level of inventiveness, and I felt like the superhero (superwoman in my case) who could come to the rescue. I thought, “Why don’t I contribute to the gifting world, and make something artistic that one can customize and personalize for their loved ones?”

That was that; I made my decision instantly, and here I am, a proud and growing entrepreneur with my enthusiastic collection of an Italian Art called Sospeso. I left no stone unturned to master the skill and that marked my commencement on this arty journey. My designs with a ‘Desi Tadka’ take one on a decorative journey from Italy to India. In just about two months, I was able to sell over 100 products from my collection. Owing to that, I vowed that my company will continue to epitomize my Indian style of merchandises amalgamated with this
Italian Art.

Finding myself moving towards my vision of changing the entire idea of traditional gifting and décor, I urge you too to make your next gift an innovatively memorable one for someone to remember you by; take a peek into my assortment now! Redecorate every corner of your home or office with Italian Indo Art by Krina today.

Get gifting with an artsy difference!


Krina Mehta